Jason and Lyndsey first laid eyes on each other during their freshman year at Taylor University. Jason sat behind Lyndsey in class and was determined to get to know the beautiful brunette. Lyndsey had taken notice of Jason as well, but was too nervous to talk to him. Fortunately, friends of theirs introduced the pair several months later at a birthday party. Jason asked for Lyndsey’s phone number left the party more determined than ever to get to know her.

The Proposal

Jason and Lyndsey spent all of October 27, 2013, together in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lyndsey had convinced herself that this date was not “the date” because Jason was sentimental, but not overly romantic, and very laid back. The couple ended the date at their favorite coffee shop, like they did most dates. Many of their friends were there, but Lyndsey didn’t suspect a thing. Maybe just a busy night for doing homework? Jason excused himself to the bathroom shortly after he and Lyndsey sat down. The lights flickered and went out as he left and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” started to play. When Lyndsey turned to see what was happening she saw Jason behind her and on one knee. He was holding a ring.

The Day & Design

Jason and Lyndsey described their wedding as homey, classic, and cozy. The couple included a giant iced and regular coffee bar (an ode to their engagement!) in the day’s activities. Guests also took home homemade biscotti to celebrate the couple’s marriage. The ceremony also included a traditional Korean bowing ceremony, which was a surprise to Jason’s parents. The bowing ceremony is customary in Korean culture and is used to honor and thank parents for raising them and their spouse.

First Dance Song

“I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz

The Pro’s

Hair Emily Tiesman
Makeup Mary Cnossen from Mary Kay
Dress Bridal Gallery
Flowers Stems Floral Solutions
Bakery “A” Personal Chef – Amber Howard
DJ A&W Disc Jockeys
Photographer Emily-Waid Photography

Colors | White, Tiffany Blue

color palette

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